Five Reasons Why 2018 Could Be Best Year Yet For Cryptocurrencies

In an earlier piece for CNBC, I explained why a potential cryptocurrency bubble could burst in 2018. Many people asked me afterward: If I’m so skeptical about the space, why am I invested in it?Let me clarify. I’m someone who always calculates the potential upsides and downsides, and I think many people take unnecessary risks: They either invest too much or too little because they don’t do proper analysis.So I want to highlight five reasons why 2018 might be the best ever year for cryptocurrencies and why I’m heavily invested in them.

Source: Bitcoin, Ethereum, other cryptocurrency: Five positive factors for 2018 – CNBC

DAX Edges Lower as German GDP Slows in Q4

24 hours of reconciliation

EURUSD short 1.2380 correction levels.

EURUSD short 1.2380 correction levels.


EURUSD             short 1.2380 correction level. If the exchange rate does not get momentum, this ATR can only make a previous wave size. At this point, the correction level of 1,2380 could be the best entry for an additional downward wave. If our assumption is correct, it is about 1,2125 levels for the downward wave.

EURJPY – 240 – Watch the break outs

EURJPY – 240 – Watch the break outs


EUR/JPY             has been trading slightly sideways. On Monday and Tuesday we saw the pair closing the day in the green, but Wednesday’s session had a sharp move towards the 133 area, but closed the daily candle at around 132.100 level. Thursday was marked by continued selling, but it found support at 131.270 area.

On the 4h chart, we can see that the price is being held by this short-term downwards moving trendline that started on the 3rd of February. The potential is still more to the downside and a close of the 4h candle below the 131.270 could indicate that there is some more selling to come in. The RSI is currently at the 41 mark and the MACD is below 0. Both are bearish signs, that could potentially provide us with an indication for today’s direction in EUR/JPY             .

On the upside, if we start seeing a move back above the 131.800 area, then, first, the pair could test the mentioned above downwards moving trendline and if it does not hold, second, a break of it would take the price above the 132 area, which opens the path towards the 133 mark.