JEDDAH: Justice Minister Waleed Al-Samaani and Ahmad Al-Rajhi, the minister of labor and social development, signed a memorandum of cooperation between the two ministries for transfer of jurisdiction over labor cases from labor dispute settlement bodies to the labor courts to be launched under the general judiciary.

In a joint statement, the two ministries stressed the need for coordination to ensure the success of the labor courts’ launch early next year, to overcome any difficulties and to bring positive change to the labor market.

“The Ministry of Justice seeks to serve all segments in the community,” said Al-Samaani. “This memorandum aims at developing cooperation in this regard without affecting the powers of any ministry.”

“Labor courts aim to enhance investment opportunities, and bring more assurance and attractiveness to the Saudi labor market,” the Ministry of Justice added.

Al-Rajhi said: “The Ministry of Labor and Social Development is working under strategic partnership and integration with the Ministry of Justice to serve the country. The success of the labor judiciary will reflect positively on the labor market.”

The memorandum recommends the formation of a joint and permanent high-level working group from both ministries to work on the requirements and ensure the success of the launch and operation of labor courts. It also includes several sub-groups for amicable settlement, employment oversight, technical support, and substantive technical support.

The duties will be distributed between the two sides to ensure effective implementation, each party developing a plan for the achievement of goals.

The memorandum also stipulates the submission of regular work progress reports by the joint team to the minister of justice and the minister of labor and social development.

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