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How to Trade Binary Options

How Currency Traders Can Reduce Their Taxes. Joe Trader is married and makes 100, 000 salary a a taxpayer may elect to treat any foreign currency gain. My experience with Forex trading and trading currencies as an additional source of income; but the forex market is more unstable than the stock market, where profit is easy for the experienced and focused trader. But to make a substantial profit, you need to find a reliable platform. To find the best place to buy and sell shares, check out the köpa aktier guide and choose the right platform based on prices, features, and reliability. … Continue Reading →

Oil commodity Trade convenient for users to yield profit

Commodities trading, such as gold and oil, offer a diverse range of investment choices, resulting in great profit potential for traders. The availability of an automated trading site such as öl profit software allows customers to trade oil from anywhere in the world makes trading more easier. This platform manages the market data analysis and takes trading decisions on behalf of users. … Continue Reading →

Pound on slippery slope again as yen jumps into the drivers seat – May spokeswoman gets the fire extinguisher out

Yen buying picking up a head of steamCable has slipped under the day’s support at 1.2160 to trade down to 1.2144 and the yen is the main driver.GBPJPY has had a swift fall from around 142.67 to test 142.01. EURJPY… Continue Reading →

Fed Barkin Says Gradually Raising Rates a Sensible Approach

The U.S. economy is strong enough to warrant further interest rate increases by the Federal Reserve, Richmond Fed President Thomas Barkin said on Wednesday. In a speech on the U.S. economy, Barkin argued that the Fed’s benchmark interest rate was… Continue Reading →

German ministry: No decision yet on Iran bid to withdraw cash

The German finance ministry on Wednesday denied a media report suggesting it would give Iran permission to withdraw 300 million euros ($348 million) in cash from bank accounts held in Germany, a plan that is strongly opposed by the United… Continue Reading →

Oil Prices Now Depend on Iranian Response to US Sanctions

A wave of sanctions on Iran snapped back into place this week, giving commodity bulls a reason to believe higher oil prices are in the offing. While commodity traders are focused on the impact of Iranian oil coming out of… Continue Reading →

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