BTC Channel choices

BTC Channel choices

Bitcoin / Tether BINANCE:BTCUSDT

After a start in A channel briefly we then went on to B channel then C channel where we fell into D channel, I thought this was interesting circlular fib action at 6358 respecting the .618 and .736 inner fibs. following round due to exit soon prob within 7hrs If bearish then revisiting the upper D channel T1,T2,T3 points on the journey. Position X bullish preferable which would head towards the 6800 bullish breakout at the previous support from 11th 21st June. The outter fib also shows some points of interest intersecting the first and third refusals at 6800 and others.

Interesting pattern. Is gold close to a big move?

Interesting pattern. Is gold close to a big move?


Downward point triangle indicates downward pressure, followed by a reversal in trend and a large upward correction.

Similiar longer term pattern in playing out with large downward pressure, followed by a reveral in trend and large upward correction possible to follow?

However first Gold             must not break the upward supporting trendline otherwise this idea is void. See linked idea below.

#crypto #bitcoin cautious buy potential here’s why Y/N

#crypto #bitcoin cautious buy potential here's why Y/N

Bitcoin / Dollar BITFINEX:BTCUSD

Have just analysed three sections since Decemebr 2017 high when Signal line was below zero (brown histogram) and have marked them out in three zones in the chart above A,B,C.

I’ve extended the third zone to end of July but don’t really know when Signal line will cross over into positive territory again.

Here’s what has made me think different.

Previously in downturns where the Signal line (brown histogram) has resumed a downturn together with the MACD (blue histogram) the MACD went negative after the Signal line.

On this occasion the MACD went negative before the Signal line which leads me to believe this time the market is headed up to higher highs.

Also when the Signal, Histogram, and MACD did the above business most recently all the days were green candles whereas before they were red.

Price is holding above the green trend line which is also a positive. The market previously also crossed a red downtrend line.

If the green trend line can hold, and the market not close below $6,250, I am now cautiously bullish (Long).

Breaking my research down into three zones A, B, C using the signal line (brown histogram) is what made me cautiously change my view from bear to bull.