FaceOf: Abdulrahman Altheeb, CEO Scopeer, Saudi crowdfunding platform

Tue, 2018-10-02 00:15

Abdulrahman Altheeb is the chief executive officer of Scopeer, the first crowdfunding platform in Saudi Arabia.

He has been working in this position since September 2017. Scopeer is an equity-based project for entrepreneurs, startups and growing businesses in the Kingdom to connect with potential local and international investors. The Riyadh-based company was launched in 2017.

Altheeb’s tasks as the CEO include directing the company, developing business strategies and plans, working closely with the chief financial officer, and building strong relations with key partners.  

The Scopeer CEO began his career at Saudi carrier Flynas as a marketing trainee. Subsequently, he rose to the position of marketing communications executive. After serving in this position for over a year, he was appointed market research specialist and served in this position for one year and eight months.

Altheeb graduated from Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University in 2015 receiving a bachelor’s degree in marketing communications.

In a recent interview with Arab News, Altheeb said: “The main goal of Scopeer is to fill the financing gap in Saudi Arabia and provide alternative financing options for startups and SMEs by introducing crowdfunding to the market.”

Crowdfunding is one of the fintech solutions, the practice of funding a project or a venture by raising money through the collective effort of a large number of people who each contribute a small amount. 

It helps entrepreneurs, startups, and SMEs by showcasing their businesses and projects via an online platform.

It is an internet-enabled way to raise money — typically from about $1,000 to $1 million — in the form of either donations or investments from multiple individuals. 

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