Barrick Gold to Buy Randgold for $6.5 Billion Creating Largest Gold Producer

Canada’s Barrick Gold Corp has agreed to buy Randgold Resources Ltd in an all-stock deal valuing the Africa-focused miner at $6.5 billion, to create the world’s largest gold producer in an industry under investor pressure to put capital to good use.

The new Barrick company, which will be listed in New York and Toronto, will own five of the world’s 10 lowest cost gold mines and have market value of $19.4 billion based on Monday trading. That would make it the world’s biggest gold miner by market capitalization, overtaking Newmont Mining Corp, according to Reuters calculations.

The deal marks the biggest transaction in years in the gold mining industry, where companies have come under fire from investors for poorly managing capital, forcing them to focus on costs while dampening enthusiasm for acquisitions.

Randgold closed up 6 percent, making it the biggest gainer in London’s wider mining index and valuing it at 4.93 billion pounds ($6.5 billion). Shares of Barrick, the world’s second largest gold producer, were up 6.3 percent in afternoon trade in Toronto.

“Randgold has the agility and swift-footedness of a younger and smaller company, much like Barrick in its early years, while Barrick has the infrastructure and global reach of a large corporate company,” Barrick Chairman John Thornton said in a conference call.

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Exchange de criptomoedas: o que é e como escolher?

O que é uma exchange e como escolher?

As exchanges são plataformas digitais que facilitam a compra, a venda e a troca de criptomoedas, como o bitcoin

As exchanges ou corretoras de criptomoedas, como o Mercado Bitcoin, são plataformas online que facilitam a compra, a venda e a troca de moedas digitais. Elas conectam pessoas que desejam vender e comprar criptoativos, assegurando que cada um receba o que foi negociado de forma segura e mais prática.

Em alguns aspectos, as exchanges podem até ser comparadas às corretoras de valores do mercado financeiro tradicional — corretoras de criptomoedas também costumam cobrar taxas e organizar as negociações em livros abertos. As exchanges de criptomoedas, no entanto, não são intermediários obrigatórios nesse mercado, são apenas facilitadores.

Saiba como escolher uma exchange de criptomoedas

No mercado de criptomoedas, as plataformas digitais ajudam a compra, a venda e a troca de uma moeda digital, uma vez que “minerar” sua própria criptomoeda não é um processo muito simples (embora seja possível). Na rede do Bitcoin, por exemplo, esse processo demanda supercomputadores conectados em rede e equipados com um hardware específico, além de prévio conhecimento técnico por parte dos participantes.

Como negociar em uma exchange?
Para começar a negociar em uma exchange, é necessário realizar um cadastro e enviar alguns documentos. Se você desejar comprar criptomoedas, é preciso depositar dinheiro na conta da exchange para então realizar a compra da moeda escolhida: bitcoin, bitcoin cash, litecoin, entre outros. No Mercado Bitcoin, você tem a liberdade de realizar a compra e venda de suas criptomoedas também pelo aplicativo, a qualquer hora e lugar.

+Saiba como comprar e vender criptomoedas no aplicativo do Mercado Bitcoin

As corretoras de criptomoedas organizam as ordens de compra e de venda dos criptoativos em um livro de negociações. Os preços das moedas não são determinados pela corretora e sim pelo mercado. Além disso, todas as ofertas são públicas, seja para vender ou seja para comprar. Quem desejar comprar ou vender moedas digitais, precisa inserir no sistema uma ordem de mercado ou uma ordem de limite, que são registros de quanto você está disposto a pagar para comprar ou receber para vender.

Quando essa ordem é selecionada pelo sistema — isto é, quando os valores de venda e de compra pré-determinados são casados — a pessoa é autorizada a realizar o negócio através da plataforma, que cobra uma comissão por cada negociação.

Onde uma exchange guarda as criptomoedas dos clientes?
As corretoras de criptomoedas facilitam a troca do dinheiro convencional pelas criptomoedas e facilitam as negociações. Elas possuem a custódia das moedas digitais de seus cliente até o momento em que eles decidem transferir seus criptoativos para uma carteira virtual (wallet), que é software que gerencia os bitcoins e permite envio, recebimento e consulta de valores. Ao abrir uma conta em uma exchange, o cliente pode manter sob custódia apenas o valor necessário para negociar.

Mas como escolher uma exchange?
Com qualquer outra empresa ou serviço financeiro, o primeiro passo para escolher uma exchange é pesquisar sobre a reputação dela. Além de comparar as taxas cobradas por cada empresa e as formas de pagamento aceitas, o ideal é optar por aquelas com plataformas seguras para negociação e com liquidez no mercado, como o Mercado Bitcoin.

Além de estar entre as exchanges brasileiras com maior volume de negociação, segundo o ranking global do CoinMarketCap, o Mercado Bitcoin também adota as melhores práticas de segurança para tratar informações sensíveis dos clientes e principalmente gerenciar as carteiras de movimentação dos fundos de criptoativos.

+ Por que segurança é prioridade no Mercado Bitcoin?

+ Mercado Bitcoin entra na lista das startups mais desejadas do Brasil

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“No-deal” Brexit would hit trucks, airlines and pet owners — govt papers

Mon, 2018-09-24 15:50

LONDON: Leaving the European Union without a proper divorce deal could ground airlines, stop hauliers from lugging goods to the world’s biggest trading bloc and even make headaches for pet owners who want to take their dogs on holiday, according to government documents.
With just six months to go until the United Kingdom is due to leave the EU on March 29, Prime Minister Theresa May has warned that negotiations are at an impasse and that the EU must come up with new proposals on how to craft a divorce settlement.
Many business chiefs and investors fear politics could scupper an agreement, thrusting the world’s fifth largest economy into a “no-deal” Brexit that they say would spook financial markets and silt up the arteries of trade.
Britain, which has warned it could leave without a deal, published 25 technical notices on Monday covering everything from commercial road haulage and buying timber to airline regulations and taking pets abroad.
“If the UK leaves the EU in March 2019 with no agreement in place, UK and EU licensed airlines would lose the automatic right to operate air services between the UK and the EU without seeking advance permission,” the government said.
Overall, the government has published more than 65 such notices giving a glimpse of what a no-deal Brexit — the nightmare scenario for chief executives of most multinationals operating in Britain — would look like.
Amid warnings that trucks could stack up on both sides of the English Channel in the confusion of a no deal, Britain said it would seek to strike bilateral agreements with European countries to ensure hauliers would retain access.
The notices covered a vast swathe of the British economy, warning, for example, that labels on packaged food would have to be changed.
“Use of the term ‘EU’ in origin labelling would no longer be correct for food or ingredients from the UK,” the government said.
Honey producers would have to change their labels while EU countries might not accept British mineral water, the government said.
In the worse case scenario for pet owners, dogs, cats and even ferrets might need health certificates and rabies jabs. Travel plans would have to be discussed with a vet at least four months in advance before traveling to the EU.
That would mean someone wanting to take their pet to the EU on March 30, 2019, the day after Britain leaves the bloc, would have to discuss the trip with a vet before the end of November.
Without a deal, the UK would move from seamless trade with the rest of the EU to customs arrangements set by the World Trade Organization for external states with no preferential deals.
Brexiteers accept there is likely to be some short-term economic pain but say the government is trying to scare voters about the impact of a no-deal Brexit.
Britain, many Brexiteers say, will thrive in the longer term if cut loose from what they see as a doomed experiment in German-dominated unity and excessive debt-funded welfare spending.

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New Study Argues Tether Wasn’t Used to Prop Up Bitcoin Price

New Study on Tether Argues It Wasn't Used to Prop Up Bitcoin Price

Following an earlier report by researchers from the University of Texas alleging that stablecoin Tether (USDT) issues new tokens to manipulate the bitcoin price, a new report has emerged debunking this theory.

Written by Dr. Wang Chun Wei of the University of Queensland Business School, the report states that, contrary to the conclusion of the earlier study by John Griffin and Amin Shams, the effect of Tether is statistically insignificant as far as bitcoin pricing is concerned. 

Lack of Supporting Evidence

According to Wei’s report, which uses VAR analysis — a model used to discover meaningful relationships between variables over a period — no evidence was found to suggest the influence of tether in bitcoin’s record-breaking price spike in December 2017. Wei concludes that Tether does not have the market heft required to shift bitcoin one way or the other.

Explaining this in detail the report says:

“We find no empirical evidence supporting the notion that Tether grants cause subsequent Bitcoin returns to rise on a daily basis. In fact, when we examine the Bitcoin return equation of our VAR model, none of the lagged variables, impacts Bitcoin returns. This suggests Bitcoin returns are showing greater signs of market efficiency than previously studied on older datasets.”

Fresh Grants and Heightened Trading Volumes

The report established a positive correlation between USDT issuances and heightened bitcoin trading volumes over the next few days. Tether grants also had similar effects on other crypto markets. Despite this, the report says, it does not indicate any causative relationship between Tether issuance and bitcoin price movements because prices are set by market vagaries substantially more numerous and dynamic than traded asset volumes.

In addition, the positive effect on trading volumes only lasts for about five days before going back to normal trading levels, which indicates that Tether is not powerful enough to make any meaningful impression on an asset like bitcoin.

Another important point noted in the study is that there is indeed evidence to suggest that Tether grants are timed in unison with bearish movements in the bitcoin market. According to Wei, while this may indeed be a sign that Tether is issuing new tokens to purchase bitcoin in attempts to shore up its support level, it may also be a simple function of investor demand.

In other words, when bitcoin is moving bearishly, investors may display a greater appetite for tether as a store of value that keeps their funds safe from bitcoin’s volatility. In line with this increased demand, Tether may simply be issuing new grants to satisfy all investors.

Moreover, it was determined that the amount of bitcoin that could be purchased with the new Tether grants was simply too small to make any impression on the bitcoin price, regardless of whether that was the motive or not.

Finally, the study shows that Tether grants have a high level of autocorrection, which means that they are split into several smaller blocks and released over several days to ease the pressure on exchanges. This would again appear to support the theory that there is not enough Tether in the grants in question to buy enough bitcoin to manipulate its price.

This article originally appeared on Bitcoin Magazine.

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Total updates Shwe Yee Htun-2 gas appraisal offshore Myanmar

Total SA reported encouraging preliminary test results from the Shwe Yee Htun-2 natural gas discovery on A6 Block offshore Myanmar. An appraisal well, drilled to 4,820 m TD, encountered 40 m of net pay in a high-quality reservoir that Total executives believe offers production deliverability.

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PR: IX Launches Exchange with BTC as Platform Token

IX Launches Exchange with BTC as Platform Token

This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. does not endorse nor support this product/service. is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the press release.

The digital asset trading platform, which invested $ 10 million on purchasing the unusual overseas domain name,, officially announced to launch. As the world’s first exchange with BTC as platform token, in which one can get multiple high returns by the quantity of BTC he holds.

Through half a year’s endeavor, the founding team and early employees of IX try their best to build the corporate into international platform with strong industry impact. IX owns its unique three major technological innovations and five major operational characteristics. And it begins to open digital asset market from today.

International Top Technology and Operation Team

The founding team of IX is composed of industry specialists. All of the early employees have educational background of prestigious universities, including Yale University, Columbia University, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Tsinghua University and Peking university, etc., as well as all of them have majored in technology related disciplines such as Finance, Network Security, Economics, Computer, Software Engineering and so on. Moreover, the team members also own senior business background of Facebook, NTT DoCoMo, ALSTOM, LinkedIn, Ford, BitFlyer, Bitmex and FCoin, etc. global enterprises with sure influence power. It is worth mentioning that IX’s founding team members own the experience of leading a number of large-scale famous Internet projects as well as development and operation of several mainstream digital assets exchanges.

The First Major Technological Innovation in the Industry

The THREE MAJOR TECHNOLOGAL INNOVATIONS of IX involves its breakthroughs in digital asset security technology, namely, 100 percent cold wallet protection, which can achieve non-risk storage for users’ assets for its thorough isolation from the public network. Second, its self-developing high performance matchmaking engine supports the matching speed of trading pairs by 2 million TPS, as well as ensures the uninterrupted service and non-carton operation. Third, IX’s extensive trading depth can access to API of the mainstream exchanges, mines and institutions, in order to synchronize real time transaction depth and ensure technical support for huge volumes of users’ transactions.

Operational Rules to Maximize Users’ Benefits

Additionally, IX owns its FIVE MAJOR OPERATIONAL CHARACTERISTCS too. First, it originally creates BTC as one of the proofs of stake on the platform. As long as one holds BTC, and then he can get a high service charge sharing bonus of the platform; Second, IX originally creates 20 second trading rules. It means that if there is no new transaction in any 20 consecutive seconds, then the last trader will receive 40% of all transaction fees incurred by the current cryptocurrency; Thirdly, as long as one has platform token IX, he can not only get the service charge bonus, but also participate in the platform community governance; Fourth, one can be rewarded with commission by inviting friends. All the transaction charges generated by the invitee within 90 days will be rewarded to the inviter according to a certain proportion. At the same time, the early inviters will receive a series of benefits; Fifth, all users’ transaction fees will be refunded by platform IX according to 100 percent. Thus, it can be seen, IX’ s five major operating characteristics fully maximize the interests of users, with the industry’s unprecedented big innovations and powerful impact.

Of course, IX also hosts regular corporate events so as to attract the early participants. From the current planning perspective, we can see that the founding team of IX will continuously work on improving the products and services, devoting all their energy and time with courage, passion ambition, and vigor. In the meanwhile, it will promote the community building according to the actual situation. Finally, IX will realize free people’s free association and maximize the possibilities of everyone in the world of blockchain.

For more, please contact them at

Company Name: IX
Contact Person: Heatonon
Country: SG

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